Do you want to know how E.E. Cummings came about his name?

It was fog crippled autumn when his mothers cramps became unbearable. Crimson 
red and brilliant orange leaves crunched beneath his fathers speeding car. 
Diving to the hospital, praying - their Smart car  does not get swamped with 
sweet water, such was the pedestrian seat - the wet promise of life. Bellowing 
until the shrieking windows caved in, his raw-scented mother poured red on 
baby-blue sheets. His cranky - speeding- father, betrays his personality he 
holds so high: by clutching on to Mariams mary hand. The doctors hands lost in 
the sea of red, turned to ask the cold nurse - have you cum yet? An eerie air of 
confusion - chokes the four corner room to a deaf-mans hearing, a deafening 
silence; "e, e"croaked the infant, before heaven touched his lungs to 
astonishing legibility...'I'm Cumming!' was his first goo goo cry - his father 
stood a proud man, his mother knicknamed him 'dont forget the S at the end' for 
the rest of his life. Haunted by this mispelling, the skill of writing was 
sympathized upon him by the trees Spiritual ghosts.

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