Scented Stills

smells like teen vomit huh? with my great growing feeding spree of literature this days  i came across a rather controversial term – ‘fuck normality’ fuck normality, huh, i though to myself.

with moral and cultural margins placed on you by parents and the ever-reaching media I understood exactly what she meant by that statement and deduced: being told you can’t do this and that eventually boils to a brim until you are comfortable with muttering those words when faced with a dilemma of choosing ice-cream over freshly sprung sugar candy for a one nickeled sweet toothed child. or adolescent shouting them, if repeatedly told of what beauty is and your features resemble little of it.
Fuck Normality, is no slang there is no climax you’d reach if you were to utter those words, in bed, sweating profusely with your pants relentless around your ankle.
And I’m sorry, I’m gong of track now.
But fuck normality is a term confined to ones views – this is a truth i’ve been forced to realize as my state of being, i’ve been told and snaily am coming to believe, is my day to day train of thought.
a term confined to ones views, that’d lead you to finding friends or if lucky a great friend – amidst friends. who treasure your obscurity when many pretend you don’t exist.
Fuck Normality – is a strong term, and in it lies the dream of many who came before and laid in red, cold water baths or dangling on coarse golden ropes. A dream for those carrying the burden of needing appeasement, and a triumph never to be realized through the outside world, lest in yourself.

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